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    Here you can find some information about Hilde van der Sterren. Please contact me for more information or to book a session at (+7) 916 808 29 60 in Moscow, Russia.


During my study of Art History (Leiden, the Netherlands) great images could overwhelm me, touch me. What would make an image, a great one? It was a road to learn to ‘see’ beauty. Beautiful images, either paintings or pictures, can do something with your soul. But it wasn’t until we moved to Borneo (2002) that I tried to capture ‘meaningful’ images myself. We bought our first digital camera (Nikon D70s) in 2003. And especially after our daughters were born, I kept making pictures to ‘save the memory’, to prevent it from fading away. Pictures to capture their 'beauty' inside and out.

It wasn’t until we moved to Oman (2006) that I started to become more and more interested in the technical side of photography. I upgraded my Nikon camera's and with a supportive husband on my side and three lovely children I always have a subject to photograph. In 2009 I started my photography business. I just love photographing people. In early 2012 we moved to Russia. So I am based in Moscow now.

I am mainly a natural light on location photographer. My goal is to preserve memories, your dearest moments with a touch of beauty. To visualize these memories that you don’t want to forget. To capture your moments in time that will make you smile, giggle and touch your heart.

I have always been busy with finding ways to express my creativity. Photography is my true love, but I also love digital design. My digital design company is called In a Blue Moon designs. Here I design scrapbook paper, embellishments and photo album templates.

And... I love to learn. I like to stay on top of my game. Every year I like to do a photography workshop or course. I have attended workshops of Bobbi Lane, Zack Arias, David Hobby, Ricky Ladia, Gregory Heisler and Claire Rosen to name a few.

You can reach me at